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HR Consulting

Need advise on HR issues?

Unsure on how to structure your HR department?

Our friendly consultants will guide you on all things HR!

Contract Outsourcing

Wish to hire employees on a contract basis? 

We have ready contract templates, and can onboard your employees within a day!

Job Search

Looking for a job?

Always wanted

to work in Singapore?

We have over 500 jobs available and waiting for you!


Unable to fill that job

vacancy after many months?

Let our experienced recruiters find you the perfect person!

Work Pass Applications

Afraid of all the paperwork required to apply for a work pass in Singapore?

Our experienced team will advise you, as well as handle all the administrative work for you.


Spending days trying to calculate OT and run payroll?

We have a team of payroll specialists that can run your payroll quickly and accurately!

Contact Us

Have more questions? Get in touch to learn more.

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